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Perkie's Observations: Jordan Tells TJ The Truth

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Shawn continues to be angry with Jordan, accusing her of using him to get information. Jordan reminds Shawn that he chose to work for Sonny and that he shot an innocent woman. She also tells him that Duke was the one who ordered Bruce to kill her. Shawn tells her that TJ won't be happy with this turn of events.

Shawn calls Ric, who in turn calls Sonny and lets him know that Hayden was shot and not Jake. Carly warns Sonny again not to retaliate because he'll be sent back to prison and there won't be a pardon this time.

Sam thinks Hayden was trying to make amends to Jake by telling him his true identity. However, Liz feels Hayden is a liar. Patrick tells Jake that Hayden wants to speak with him than warns him to stay away from those that he loves.

Nikolas' minion tells him that he shot Hayden in the head and is certain she won't survive. Valerie interrupts saying she overheard part of the conversation. Nikolas claims that he kicked Hayden out for what she did to Liz.

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Franco wants Nina to get her marriage annulled but she's not having any of it. The two get into an argument and Nina throws Franco out.

Julian's looking for the baby when Ned and Olivia tell him that the baby developed an infection and died. Julian refuses to believe it, but Olivia tells him to go to the morgue to get his closure. Dr. Obrecht tells them that there was a clerical error and the baby was accidentally cremated. After Julian leaves, she tells them that the baby was transferred safely. Olivia feels badly for deceiving Julian, but Ned feels it was the only way to protect the baby.

Jordan tells TJ the truth, that she's undercover law enforcement and has always been. TJ is angry to hear that she's been lying to him all these years and even angrier that she turned on Shawn.

Ric tells Sonny that Jordan is law enforcement and that Shawn, and Sonny are in trouble.

Liz tells Nikolas that Hayden is still alive but was unable to tell Jake anything because she suffered a seizure and was taken into surgery.