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Perkie's Observations: Will Jake Do Time on General Hospital?

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Liz is ready to move forward with Jake, but he's still feeling guilty about Hayden. Jake tells her that he may be going to prison and explains his deal with Sloane. Jake decides he's done with Sloane, even if that means doing time. Liz wants them to have a final night together.

Patrick questions why Sam was at the garage and in the line of fire. She explains that she wanted to see if Jake killed Duke and says he swore that he didn't. Patrick asks her to stay away from danger.

Alexis tells Julian that she can't stay, but he swears he's done with the mob. He doesn't want to lose anyone else that he loves. Alexis questions whether he's capable of letting Sonny win. Julian swears he doesn't want that life anymore.

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Sabrina thinks she should call Anna regarding Carlos, but Michael tells her to call in the morning. The two share a meal and a kiss, but Michael agrees to slow things down.

Kiki and Morgan have sex than discuss how they feel about each other now. Morgan wants them back together. Kiki worries about losing his friendship if things don't work out. Morgan's willing to take that chance.

Anna wonders why Sloane helped her since shooting Carlos makes her as bad as Sonny and Julian. Sloane says he knows what Duke meant to her. Anna worries about Jake's safety and doesn't want to be responsible for his death. She asks Sloane to put out the word that Jake has been exonerated. Anna's not sure how she'll cope without Duke, but Sloane promises it will get better.