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Perkie's Observations: Is That Ava on General Hospital?

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Anna is visited by the Ghost of Carlos. He is angry with her for killing him. Sabrina stops by to ask what happened with Carlos. Anna tells her that she found Carlos at the docks, but that they struggled and Carlos knocked her out and took off.

TJ pays Shawn a visit in his holding cell and proceeds to badmouth Jordan until Shawn stops him.

Jake is angry with Sloane for what happened to Hayden, but Sloane feels Julian will soon want Jake to replace Carlos. Jake tells Sloane that he's quitting. Sloane reminds him of the deal they made. However, Jake's willing to go to prison if it prevents someone else from getting hurt.

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Jordan asks Scotty for a deal for Shawn in exchange for testimony against Sonny. Jordan goes to Shawn and tells him about the deal, but Shawn refuses to turn on Sonny. Jordan begs him to do it and asks him not to abandon TJ. Jordan tells Shawn that he's TJ's father.

Scotty tells Sloane the plan to have Shawn turn on Sonny.

Lucas stops by to congratulate Julian on the baby's birth and is upset to learn of the baby's death. Lucas rounds up the rest of the family to rally around Julian. Julian is grateful for his family's support and tells them that he's getting out the business.

A brown haired Ava shows up at Julian's door.