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Perkie's Observations: Depraved Psychos Need Love Too on General Hospital

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Roger Howarth, Kathleen Gati

Roger Howarth, Kathleen Gati

Everyone is surprised to see Ava, but she claims she's someone named Denise. She says she saw the newspaper article on Ava and decided to find out why they looked so much alike.

Shawn is shocked to hear that Jordan lied and that he's actually TJ's father. Jordan tells him to take the deal and testify against Sonny, so that he can have a relationship with TJ. Shawn says he's not a snitch.

Carly checks in on Jake, promising him that Sonny won't come after him despite his need for revenge. Jake tells her he quit and Sloane will reinstate the charges and send him to prison.

Nina questions why Ric married her. He reassures her they accept each other as they are and they love each other. Sonny arrives and is not happy to see the two together, but ultimately lets it go.

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Franco complains to Liesl that Nina married Ric. Liesl thinks it has to do with Nina's money. She suggests that, despite Nina's assets being frozen, someone of Ric has the ability to access the funds.

Molly comforts TJ. Sloane tells TJ it's been an honor to work with Jordan. The streets are safer thanks to her courage. TJ is still upset that Shawn seems to be the only one paying the price for the mob war.

Sloane pays Jake a visit and tells him he's off the hook for Duke's murder. They have enough evidence against Carlos. Sloane also agrees to let Jake out of his deal. He'll speak to Julian on Jake's behalf to let him walk away.

Sam claims Ava isn't fooling any of them. She's obviously pretending to be Denise in order to avoid a murder charge or Sonny's wrath. Ava continues to try and convince them. Sloane arrives and tells her  she's under arrest.