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Perkie’s Observations: Sonny Confronts “Ava” on General Hospital

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Sonny pays "Ava" a visit. She continues to insist that she's Denise and the DNA will prove it. Sonny tells her that he wants to see "Ava's" scar from when she was shot in the chest. "Ava" shows him the spot, but it covered by a tattoo.

Anna continues to be haunted by Ghost Carlos. Sloane finds her traumatized by the haunting. Anna's still upset that Julian won't pay for ordering the hit on Duke. Sloane tells her that Jake is free and that no one will find Carlos' body.

Lulu pays Dante a visit and is surprised when Valerie shows up for her job interview. Lulu reassures her that she has no problem with Valerie working with Dante.

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Mayor Lomax tells Nikolas that Sloane is becoming a liability and may be an obstruction to her campaign for governor. Nik reminds her that Sloane has dirt on both of them.

Kiki has a dream of Ava and really wants Denise to be her mother, but doesn't know how she could have survived.

Lucas wants to set a wedding date where everyone can join them, but Brad wants something smaller. Lucas wonders if Brad's family knows about him.

Mayor Lomax finds Sloane in Anna's room and tells him that he's fired.

Lucas brings the DNA results to the PCPD.