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Perkie's Observations: "Ava's" DNA Results are in on General Hospital

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Olivia tells Nina that she needs to leave the hotel. Nina tries to blackmail her again, but Olivia says Julian knows the truth and the baby is gone.

Ric shows up and says he's Nina's husband and Olivia can't kick them out of the hotel. Olivia tells him he's responsible for Nina's bills.

Ric asks about Nina's money. She tells him that the state froze her assets and she has no access. Ric counters that he can get it released. Nina realizes that, as her husband, he's entitled to part of her money.

Sloane tells Anna that Mayor Lomax fired him, but he's determined not to let her get away with it. Sloane admits that the election was rigged for Lomax to win. Anna points out that the mayor will deny any involvement. Sloane tells her that Nik was involved as well.

Lulu wants Nik's help in having Valerie not hired by the PCPD . She then feels badly for being so jealous.

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Michael tells Rosalie that he needs to get Ned's shares back from Franco. He asks if she can convince Nina to give them back. Rosalie says she and Nina are no longer friends, but promises to try.

Franco wants Nathan's help in getting Nina away from Ric. He explains that Ric is after Nina's money. Maxie points out that Ric doesn't need Nina's money. However, Franco says Ric would be custodian of the fortune.

While waiting for the DNA results, Julian tells Sonny that he's out of the business. Lucas reads the results, which say that the woman is not Ava. However, she is an immediate family member.

Everyone wonders how that's possible, until Delia shows up, with answers.

Lulu gets a call that Luke is missing.....again.

Ric visits Madeline in prison.