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Perkie’s Observations: Anna Gets Herself Some Sloane on General Hospital


Kiki explains that she called her grandmother about Denise possibly being Ava. Delia reveals Denise is her daughter. It turns out Denise and Ava were twins. Sonny doesn’t buy they story, but everyone seems to agree that the pieces fit.

Tracy catches Rosalie talking to Nikolas, but Rosalie covers and says she was talking to Nina to set up a meeting to get the shares back.

Madeline wants to know Ric's plan to get her fortune back. Ric tells her he married Nina and he'll get her fortune and leave Madeline behind. Madeline gets angry and threatens to tell Nathan. She forces Ric to stick to the original plan.

Anna doesn't believe Nik would have been involved in the election tampering, but Sloane recaps the events of that night. The two drink and joke around then start kissing.

Lulu tells Tracy that Luke was released from the mental hospital. Tracy thinks she should call the police, as Luke arrives, saying he has official release papers.

They wonder where he's been since he was released two days ago. Luke shows them a tattoo on his arm, the same one his father had. Luke assures them that it's a symbol of strength.

Franco and Nina argue again about Ric. Nathan arrives, telling Nina that they need to get her marriage annulled.

Rosalie meets with Nikolas and explains what Michael wants her to do. Nik tells her to meet with Nina and to give him the shares if Nina sells them back to her.

Rosalie calls Nina to set up a meeting time.

Denise is thrilled to get extra family and asks Julian if she can stay for a while.