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Perkie's Observations: Jordan Gets Anna and Sloane's Old Job on General Hospital


Anna regrets her night with Sloane. He feels they came together in a time of need. He admits he has feelings for her. Anna tosses him out.

Denise interrogates Julian on all things Jerome, including Avery. She decides she'll pay the Quartermaine mansion a visit.

Silas is home and Kiki gives him a rundown on all that he's missed, including the newest Jerome family member. Silas is not happy to hear about Denise's appearance.

Michael questions Morgan about Denise and the two get into an argument. The two take their argument into the boxing ring and duke it out. When they're done Morgan says he regrets everything that's gone wrong between them. Michael admits that while things will never go back to the way it was they can certain call a truce.

Jordan and Dante wonder who the new commissioner will be. Mayor Lomax offers the position to Jordan. Jordan says the job should go to Anna. Lomax declares that Anna will never be commissioner again while under her watch. Jordan accepts the position.

Luke tells Tracy that he needs to make things up to her and proposes. Tracy says they're already married. Luke tells her that the annulment she filed was finalized.

Dillon comes home and tells Tracy not to accept Luke's proposal.

Silas shows up at Denise's door and says he knows she's Ava.