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All My Children Star Jennifer Bassey Tossed From Flight After Cussing Out Flight Attendant!

Jennifer Bassey

All My Children star Jennifer Bassey had quite the bumpy ride when she was recently a passenger on a Delta airlines flight. TMZ is reporting Bassey got into a little dust up with a flight attendant on a flight from New York to Indy. The entire thing started when Bassey came out of the plane's bathroom, when a flight attendant rudely asked the actress,

  Aren't you going to flush?  

The attendant then started to grill Bassey about washing her hands. Things didn't stop there. According to the site, Bassey was planning on using her own hand sanitizer and went back to her seat where the flight attendant stood over her while her laptop was still open. It seems the flight was still preparing for take off. 

Things took a nasty turn when the flight attendant brushed her hand against Bassey's and she remarked to Bassey,

  Don't touch me, don't you ever touch me

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The soap diva was not amused by the flight attendant's attitude, which resulted in her firing back, 

  Go F$*k yourself.

Bassey, best known for her role as Liza Colby's vixen mother Marian Colby Chandler on AMC, claims all of the flight attendants had a little meeting and the plane turned back to gate where two police officers took Bassey off the flight! Fortunately she was not arrested for the confrontation. The police told the site they were called to the plane after they were told an assault occurred, but they didn't see any indication Bassey assaulted anyone. 

Currently Delta is investigating the incident.

Photo by PR Photos