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Perkie’s Observations: Laura Crashes Luke and Tracy’s Engagement Party on General Hospital


Everyone is shocked to see Laura. Lulu wonders if her mother is sick again. Laura reassures her all is fine, but she needs to speak to Luke.

Tracy tells Laura that she wasn't invited. Laura insists until Luke agrees to speak privately.

Ava introduces herself to Michael as Denise and asks to spend time with Avery so she can get to know her niece. Ava begs for permission to hold the baby. Michael gets a phone call and obliges.

Ava tells the baby who she is and gets emotional with her. Michael returns and Ava is forced to give the baby back.

Sloane finds Anna at the airport and questions her. Anna tells him where she's going and how she needs time alone to forgive herself for what she's done.

Sloane feels she's running away, but that she can't escape her conscience. He wants her to stay so he can help her get over killing Carlos. Anna says she needs to find her way and handle this on her own.

Nina runs into Silas and explains what happened with Franco and her marriage to Ric.

Kiki and Morgan are surprised to find Denise out. Kiki heads out to find her, but runs into Silas and Nina instead. Kiki admits to her father that she wants to get to know Denise.

Ava returns to home to find Morgan waiting and is upset at the feelings she had while holding Avery. Morgan comforts her and the two kiss.

Luke and Laura return from their private talk. Luke tells Tracy that he can't continue with the engagement.