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Perkie's Observations: Luke Ends Things with Tracy on General Hospital


Dillon and Lulu are angry with Luke. Laura decides Tracy needs to know the truth. She tells Tracy that after she heard what Luke had been through she felt she needed to know who he is now.

Luke claims he loves Laura and is taking her back. Tracy tears a strip off of him then declares that he'll never have the same pull over her.

Nikolas explains to Rosalie that he now has 43.5 percent of the ELQ shares. He says if he gets Dillon's shares he'll have the majority. Nik says Dillon's back in town and wonders how he can exploit Dillon's former relationship with Lulu.

Morgan stops the kiss when Ava says she's missed this. She quickly covers, claiming she meant in general. Morgan warns her not to tell Kiki.

Kiki arrives, happy to see Denise, and lets slip that she and Morgan are back together. Once Kiki leaves the room Ava gets angry with Morgan and warns him that they can't kiss again.

Franco tells Nina to hand over the ELQ shares. She tells him that she sold them back to Michael and that she used his portion to pay off the hotel tab. Nina complains to Silas that Franco never cared for her.

Michael explains to Sabrina that Nina didn't take his deal. Sabrina doesn't trust Rosalie. Michael admits that Rosalie has a big secret. Franco storms into the Quartermaine mansion demanding his money. Michael tells him that Nina turned him down and that he doesn't have the shares. Sabrina tells Michael that Rosalie lied to him.

Lulu chastises her parents and tells Luke that he didn't need to humiliate Tracy.

Dillon tries to comfort Tracy, who claims Luke never loved her.

Laura's not happy with how things were handled, but Luke feels they did what they had to do, no matter the cost.