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Perkie’s Observations: Sabrina Suspects Rosalie on General Hospital


Sabrina tells Sam that she thinks Rosalie is lying and working for someone against Michael. Sam agrees to look into it and pays Nina a visit.

Michael tells Rosalie about Franco's claims about the shares. Rosalie feels Nina is lying and points out that she returned all the money to Michael.

Rosalie thinks Sabrina bad mouthed her because she's jealous. Michael assures her that no one is out to get her.

Franco complains to Liesl about Nina. Liesl thinks Magda can help and promises to convince her.

Molly meets Nina as Ric's wife. Nina apologizes for how things went down with Silas and Sam. She wants Molly to call her Mom. Molly's having none of it.

Jordan is surprised to find out that TJ has been arrested, but he refuses to talk to her. TJ calls Molly, who sends Ric to help.

Sloane warns Nikolas that he'll expose him for his part in the rigged election, if Nik doesn't order Lomax to reinstate him. Nik wants his help in taking over ELQ. He asks Sloane to get Maya or Brooklyn to sign over their shares.

Jake tells Liz about a dream where Danny is his son. Liz manages to deflect him. Afterwards, Jake says he's looking for a job and sees that ELQ is looking for a security guard. He decides to go see Michael.