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Perkie’s Observations: Sam Snoops Around Port Charles on General Hospital

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Jake tells Michael that he's looking for work and is interested in the security position. Michael explains that someone has been hijacking stocks and he needs to find out who.

Rosalie eavesdrops on their conversation and hears Michael say that he believes the Cassadines, namely Helena, is behind the takeover.

Jake spots a photo of Monica and Danny so talk turns to Jason and Jake admits that he does wonder if he has a son out there. Jake says he's willing to do what needs to be done to help save ELQ so Michael hires him.

Liz explains to Nikolas that Jason's at ELQ looking for a job. She worries that too much time around the Quartermaines will trigger his memory.

Liz has pangs of guilt that she's keeping Jason from his family. Nik tells her that he's very close to getting the majority of ELQ. When he does Jason would be working for him and not the Quartermaines.

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Sam congratulates Nina on her marriage to Ric, claiming she wants a truce for Molly's sake. Nina wonders what Sam is really after. Sam admits she's looking into Rosalie's actions.

Nina swears that she sold the shares to Michael, but Sam says Rosalie tells a different story. Nina's upset to hear that Rosalie is bad mouthing her all over town. Sam lays it on extra thick in order to find out Rosalie's secret. Nina refuses to give up the information.

Magda shows up in Liesl's office, claiming her attorney was able to drop all charges against her. Franco asks for her help. Franco says Ric is trying to get Nina's money. Magda claims she doesn't care about money anymore, just her freedom and refuses to help.

Sabrina catches Rosalie eavesdropping on Michael, but she claims she was listening to music. Sabrina accuses her of lying about the shares. Rosalie counters that Sabrina is a hooker because she's working for and dating Michael. Sabrina warns that everyone will know the truth about Rosalie soon enough.

Dante returns to work and explains what happened with TJ as TJ explains it to Molly and Ric. TJ stopped off at Wyndham's to buy Molly a graduation present. The store detained him while they checked that his credit card was legit. TJ got upset because he had a small window of opportunity to pay Shawn a visit and got into a shoving match with the guard.

Ric says its racial bias and wants to make it go away, which both Dante and Jordan are willing to do. Jordan gets a call from Mayor Lomax. The mayor who doesn't want TJ granted any special treatment. Jordan is forced to book TJ on assault charges.