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Perkie's Observations: TJ Learns The Truth About Duke On General Hospital


TJ's upset that he spent the night in jail and wants Jordan to make it go away. Jordan explains that security footage of him knocking down the guard has been leaked and there's nothing she can do.

TJ feels only certain people end up in jail and it's those who are black. Jordan reminds him that he shoved the guard to the ground, but TJ won't listen to her reasoning. He claims Shawn had his back when she wasn't there for him.

Tracy complains to Dillon about Laura then blames herself. She claims she has no fight left, but Dillon reassures her that she'll bounce back as she always has.

Lulu demands an explanation from Luke for breaking Tracy's heart. She wants him to fix what he broke.

Dante feels he should have done more to help TJ. Valerie explains that she's also been a victim of racial profiling. Valerie assures him that he did all that he could.

Laura catches the tail end of Nikolas' call to Sloane and worries about him. Nik admits that Cassadine fortune isn't as it was because Victor siphoned a lot of funds.

Laura tells Nik that she's back with Luke. Nik feels she can do better but ultimately, will be happy for her.

Sam tells Sabrina that Nina's story checks out, which means Rosalie is lying. Sam heads over to ELQ to put a bug on Rosalie's phone.

Jake finds Sam loitering about and tells her that he's ELQ's new head of security. The two make small talk before Sam invites him and Liz to dinner with her and Patrick.

Rosalie tells Michael that it's a mistake to hire Jake because he could be a mole for the Cassadines. Michael disagrees and says he has all of his employees vetted. Rosalie worries about herself, but Michael assures her that he doesn't know her secret.

Jordan tells TJ that Shawn suspected she was a cop and that Duke tried to have her killed, twice. TJ is shocked, but ends up still blaming his mother for keeping him locked up.

Sabrina finds Tracy upset and commiserates with being left by the man that she loves. Sabrina offers to be a friend to Tracy.

Jake meets with Michael and tells him that someone has been spying on him.

Lulu presses Luke, who's about to tell the truth when Dillon arrives to have it out with Luke. Dillon pushes hard enough until Luke finally admits that everything is a lie.