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Perkie's Observations: Nikolas Gets His Hands on More ELQ Shares on General Hospital


Luke admits that it was a lie that he and Laura aren't getting back together. Laura explains that she went to visit Lucky in Ireland and found his place ransacked and Lucky gone.

Laura says she got a call from someone telling her to convince everyone that she and Luke were back together or Lucky would die. Luke says they're now waiting for the next call. Dillon wants to tell Tracy the truth.

Jake tells Michael that Sam's been spying and shows him the bug from Rosalie's phone. Michael can't believe Sam would spy, saying she's family. Jake points out that Sam is a Cassadine who could be working with Nikolas.

Jake says ELQ is vulnerable because of all the turmoil in Michael's personal life. He says he'll put the bug back and set a trap for Sam.

Rosalie calls Nikolas, worried that Jake's investigation will uncover the truth. Nik tells her to keep an eye on Jake.

Sam meets with Sabrina which piques Tracy's curiosity. They explain about Rosalie possibly being a mole and Sam's plan to catch her. Sam and Sabrina sit and wait for the bug to be activated.

Morgan tells his parents that he and Michael have come to an understanding. Carly's thrilled, but Sonny's quick to tell her that Michael won't forgive them anytime soon.

Morgan mentions Denise seeing Avery. Carly warns him to stay away from Denise. When Carly leaves the table Morgan admits to Sonny that he and Denise shared a kiss. He then swears it will never happen again.

Ava tells Silas about seeing Avery. Ava questions why Silas didn't tell her that Morgan and Kiki were back together. Silas points out that she's done with Morgan, but Ava admits that he and Denise kissed.

Silas is angry that Morgan would cheat on Kiki and questions Ava's feelings for Morgan. Silas tells Ava not to hurt Kiki and to put Morgan out of her mind. Ava agrees and kisses Silas.

Sloane explains to Nikolas that he managed to get Brook Lynn's 6.5 shares. Sloane found Brook Lynn babysitting Olivia's baby so she gave up the shares for his silence, and promised not to tell Ned. Nik is thrilled with half the company but needs 1 more share to get control of ELQ.

Rosalie tells Nikolas that she can't listen in on Michael anymore because there's something wrong with her phone. She's worried that she doesn't know what Jake is up to.

Dillon declares that he wants to hurt Luke and will tell Tracy. Lulu begs Dillon not to say anything to Tracy at Lucky's expense as Tracy arrives.