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Perkie's Observations: TJ Goes Free on General Hospital


Tracy arrives in time to overhear Dillon say that he won't lie and questions him. Dillon lies and says Luke and Laura are engaged and going away. Tracy feels lucky to be rid of Luke. After she leaves, Luke and Laura are grateful to Dillon for not telling the truth. Dillon says he did it for Lulu.

TJ tells Molly about Duke's hit on Jordan. Molly wonders if either Shawn or Sonny were involved.

Sonny gets to the courthouse for TJ's arraignment. Scott says he's going hard after TJ, saying the guard has developed pain and it's now aggravated battery.

Ric snarks at Jordan about making TJ spend the night in jail. Jordan says she's forced to follow protocol, but is counting on Ric to get TJ off of the charges.

Ava and Silas kiss, but then he's not happy that she's using him to distract from Morgan. Ava says they loved each other once and those feelings came back when she thought she was dying.

Silas admits he felt something too. Ava wants them to act on it, but he still feels that it would be more about Morgan. He suggests she leave town before she's found out. Ava refuses, saying she wants to spend time with her daughters.

Morgan offers to take Kiki away for a vacation from their life of mooching off people and not working. Kiki says she wants to get to know Denise better. She understands if Morgan is bothered by Denise looking like Ava. Morgan says he wants to move forward with Kiki.

A reporter accuses Dante of being racist, but Valerie is quick to come to his defense.

Ava goes to the Quartermaines to see Avery. Sabrina doesn't allow her a visit since she doesn't have Michael's permission.

Ric gets to the courthouse and asks Sonny not to sit in on the arraignment because it would look better for TJ.

Scotty gets a call that the guard has changed his mind and won't be pressing charges. Scotty tells TJ that he's free to go. Jordan wonders if Sonny had anything to do with it. Sonny denies it.

Laura gets the call from the kidnappers to go to British Columbia. She warns Dillon and Lulu not to tell anyone, including Dante.