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Ah, soap tropes. You can't live with 'em, you can't convince sudsers to give 'em up! I've finally made peace with the fact that doppelgangers, baby switches and returns from the dead will always have their place amongst our four remaining daytime suds. 

It's the latter which has me blind iteming this Friday afternoon. Very soon, one of the four sudsers is going to embark on the most insane return from the dead storyline since that chick with the shrunken head was brought back to life on As The World Turns. I predict many fans will rejoice, while others will threaten to storm the gates. So basically just another day in the Land O' Bubbles. 

I'm talking the kind of story that made the head writer Whoopi Goldberg played in Soap Dish lose her shiznit, y'all. I can't say more but...whoa. 

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