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Brad Bell on Maya's Future: "Karla Mosley Has Emerged as The Leading Lady of B&B"

Karla Mosley

Karla Mosley

Now that CBS Daytime's The Bold and the Beautiful has successfully told a frontburner love story featuring a transgender character, has Maya Avant (Karla Mosley) served out her usefulness? Not a chance, says showrunner Brad Bell

The soap heir spoke out about the future of his game-changing heroine in an interview with TV Guide Magazine's Michael Logan.  Here's an excerpt:

How committed are you to keeping Maya on the canvas? Are you at all concerned, given the historic and social importance of the character, that she might one day run her course??  

 Karla Mosley has emerged as the leading lady of B&B, and she'll remain so. This is a really fresh and unique love story, and we're only just beginning. Maya will be asked to return to Forrester Creations as the company's lead model, and we'll be doing a big fashion show [airing July 16 and 17] where half the models are transgender, including Isis King and Carmen Carrera, who are both very well known. We just shot it and it's incredibly beautiful and really fun to watch! It speaks to our continued commitment to Maya's story and to the transgender community. Transgender models are appearing on the runways in Paris and New York. Why not on B&B

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Bell continues to prove he's the savviest person working behind-the-scenes in daytime right now. Maya's story has been the only one worth talking about on any of the four daytime soaps so far in 2015. B&B would be crazy to end it! 

 Bell went on to tell Logan his international hit soap is staging a big, splashy fashion show featuring real-life transgender models. He also teased what Maya's conservative parents descending on SoCal will mean for our girl. Click here to read the entire interview!