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General Hospital's Genie Francis Gets Real About Tony Geary

Anthony Geary, Genie Francis

Anthony Geary, Genie Francis

Luke Spencer and Laura Vining Webber Baldwin will forever be soap opera's most beloved supercouple. Which is why the powers that be at General Hospital insisted on inviting Genie Francis back for Tony Geary's on screen send off. While sources close to the set told me Geary was initially less-than-thrilled about one last hurrah for Luke and Laura, the actors have played nice in the press.  

In an interview with TVLine, Francis revealed she too had been hearing Geary didn't want her back for his character's endgame.

Here's an excerpt:

TVLINE | What was your first reaction?

I was like, “Really?” [Laughs] “Really really?” And they said yes. The next question I had to ask was, “Are you sure he wants me to be there?” Because he’s been very vocal about not wanting it to be Luke and Laura reuniting. My next question was, “Is this what Tony wants?” And they said, “Absolutely.”  

It's no wonder former The Bold and the Beautiful producer Colleen Bell is now U.S. Ambassador to Hungary. If anyone knows a thing or two about bringing about diplomacy, it's a soap opera exec!

Francis also addressed the elephant in the room regarding her working relationship with Geary in an interview with The Wrap

There’s been ongoing speculation in the press that, despite the fantastic onscreen chemistry between you and Anthony Geary, you haven’t always gotten along personally. How do you respond to that speculation?

I would say that we’re getting along beautifully and that we’re both enjoying this time very, very much. We have — I don’t know, what is it? — 38 years together. Don’t tell me anybody who’s had 38 years together a couple of run-ins with each other — if they’re saying they didn’t, they’re full of shit. So yeah — we’re doing very well with each other now, and there’s a lot of love and a lot of good feelings about this ending.  

As I first reported, Jonathan Jackson and Nathan Parsons reprised the roles of Lucky and Ethan respectively for Luke's finale, and Francis will be sticking around for a time as Laura post Luke's exit. Are you glad everyone was able to put aside their differences to give GH fans one last Luke and Laura spectacular? Sound off in the comments!

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