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Y&R SHOCKER: Just How Will Jack React to Marco Repeatedly Raping Phyllis?

Gina Tognoni

Gina Tognoni

Chuck Pratt's shock and awe campaign shows no signs of slowing down at CBS Daytime's The Young and the Restless. I'm hearing when Jack Abbott (Peter Bergman) finally returns from his odyssey, the cosmetics scion will actually be jealous of how close Phyllis (Gina Tognoni) has become with Marco, his drug-peddling doppelganger! 

Uh, won't Jack quickly and obviously realize the woman he loves has been raped by this maniac over and over again, since Phyllis went to bed with Marco believing him to be Jack? About that, I hear the soap is under strict orders to never refer to what Phyllis endured as "rape". It's supposed to only be mentioned as Phyllis having been "violated". 

Hearing that little tidbit caused me to  recall the late Gloria Monty's infamous decision to try to rebrand Luke's (Tony Geary) rape of Laura (Genie Francis) as a "seduction" almost four decades ago on General Hospital. I wonder if Y&R will have better luck with their attempt at whitewashing sexual violence against women on soaps?