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Perkie's Observations: Maxie Confronts Valerie on General Hospital


Liz finds Jake looking at a file on Sam. He tells her  he suspects Sam is behind the ELQ takeover and has her under surveillance.

Lulu has a nightmare that Lucky was killed because of her. She lies to Dante and says she doesn't remember it. She sees the newspaper article about Dante being called racist. Dante tells her Valerie came to his defense.

Maxie confronts Valerie about the newspaper article and tells her to find another man. Valerie claims she's not after Dante. Dante arrives and tells Maxie to back off. Maxie apologizes for being overprotective.

Michael interrupts a call Rosalie is about to make to Nikolas. He tells her the phone is being tapped and to use it only for nonessential stuff. Rosalie calls Nikolas back on her cell and warns him.

Sam eavesdrops on Rosalie's first call but doesn't recognize her cousin's voice. She explains to Patrick how Sabrina hired her because she and Michael are a thing.

Patrick is happy for Sabrina. He isn't thrilled when Sam mentions Jake works for ELQ. He warns Sam to be careful.

Tracy tells Sabrina about Dillon's past with Georgie and Lulu. Tracy thinks her son is as unlucky in love as she is.

Lulu summons Dillon and tells him about her nightmare. She hates lying to Dante. Dillon meets Rocco then reminisces with Lulu about their past. Lulu wonders if he regrets not having a baby with her. Dillon is certain things worked out as they should.

Liz seeks out Nikolas. She tells him Sam planted the bug. Liz worries Jason will hate her for hurting Michael if the truth comes out.

Nikolas tells her  he now owns 50 percent of the company. He's working on Maya but also has an in with Dillon because of Lulu.

Jake follows Sam to the Quartermaine mansion. He's surprised to see her meet with Tracy.