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Sexy, Scary, Wooden Joe Terrorizes Genoa City Blondes on The Young and the Restless

Scott Elrod, Sharon Case, Jessica Collins

Scott Elrod, Sharon Case, Jessica Collins

The brass at CBS Daytime made a big deal out of casting primetime hunk Scott Elrod on The Young and the Restless back in 2014. Who could blame them? The tall, dark dreamboat, who originally tested for the role of Adam, is sex on a stick. So why have the writers at Y&R done everything imaginable to make the walking piece of eye candy as unappealing as humanly possible?

Since arriving in Genoa City, Elrod's real estate front man Joe Clark has been terrorizing ex-wife Avery Bailey Clark (an exiting Jessica Collins) in the most milquetoast manner imaginable. First he tried to buy her boyfriend's coffeehouse out from under him. Later, he kissed Avery a couple of times prompting her to shriek about kisses being a form of physical assault. 

Just when it looked like Avery doth protest too much, the soap's new head writer Chuck Pratt rewrote the former couples' off screen back story to reveal Avery didn't just ditch Joe for Dylan (Steve Burton) because he was such an incorrigible workaholic, but because he had a tendency to get violent during their marriage. Huh?

Why cast such a good looking (if slightly stiff actor), give him tons of sexy promos, then reveal him to be a woman beater? Are we really supposed to root for him to rip off frustrated wife Lily Ashby's (Christel Khalil) Fenmore's Signature Collection panties now that we know he's smacked Avery around in the past? 

Speaking of Avery, the formerly fearless legal eagle was so terrified of Joe this week, she cowered in her orange sherbet apartment during a thunderstorm with only romantic rival Sharon Newman (Sharon Case) standing in between her and certain doom. Meanwhile, Mariah (Camryn Grimes) was keeping Dylan from checking his blonde-damsels-in-distress decoder ring by asking him about his intentions for her manic depressive mama. Watch a clip below.