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Y&R's Phyllis Admits It: "Shock and Awe Seem to Be The Order of The Day!" (PROMO)

Gina Tognoni

Gina Tognoni

Chuck Pratt is essentially trolling his critics at this point. Sources say his The Young and the Restless storylines have been referred to as a "shock and awe" campaign on set. Now that phrase has made it into the dialogue!

I'm mellowing (or perhaps learning to grudgingly accept) Pratt's Y&R.  It may be 50 shades of crazy but ratings are up and the show's had more buzz than it's had in years, even if a lot of said buzz is negative.

This week on Y&R, Jack (Peter Bergman) returns wearing a "Luiz" tag on his work shirt.  Lily (Christel Khalil) swaps spit (and possibly more?) with woman whipper Joe Clark (Scott Elrod) and Pod Phyllis (Gina Tognoni) speaks of "shock and awe". Watch the promo below.