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Perkie’s Observations: Jennifer Smith Surprises Luke and Laura on General Hospital

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Michael warns Rosalie that he'll have her arrested for corporate espionage if she doesn't tell them who she's working for. Rosalie claims they have no evidence against her. Jake lies and says Nina recorded their transaction and he has a copy.

Rosalie admits what she did, but initially refuses to say who her boss is. Michael tells her not to take the fall for someone else. She admits it's Nikolas. Dante takes her down to the station for her statement.

Sam confronts Nikolas about his relationship with Rosalie. Nik claims they met the day the shares were sold. Sam tells him she knows Rosalie was at Wyndemere two months before.

Sam accuses Nikolas of lying. Nik admits he's taking over ELQ. Sam questions why he would do this to Emily's family. Nik says Victor and Helena syphoned off money and he has standards to uphold.

Nik says he's trying to maintain the Cassadine legacy, which includes Sam and Alexis. However, Sam is having none of it. She counters that he's destroying ELQ's legacy and that Jason would never steal from Nik if he were alive. Sam claims Nik is like Helena which makes Nik angry.

Luke and Laura are surprised to see Jennifer Smith who quickly has them disarmed. Laura demands to know where Lucky is. Jennifer reminisces about their history. She tells them she wants one night with Luke in exchange for Lucky's life.

Valerie overhears Lulu remind Dillon to keep their secret from everyone. Lulu worries what Valerie may have overheard. Valerie plays it like she didn't hear anything and says she's there to talk about Dante.

Valerie explains that Maxie confronted her, but swears she isn't after Dante. Lulu admits she was upset when Valerie first arrived and spent time with Dante. Valerie promises she won't cause problems for them.

Tracy worries about the lost shares and tries to figure out who has what. She calls Brook Lynn and is shocked to hear that Nikolas now has 50 percent of the company.

Jake meets up with Sam, who tells him that Nikolas confessed.

Tracy tells Michael that Nikolas now has 50 percent. Michael says they need to confront Nikolas as the Cassadine arrives.