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Perkie’s Observations: Nikolas Topples Michael at ELQ on General Hospital


Tracy questions why Lucy voted against the Quartermaines and wonders what Nikolas has on her. Lucy claims she voted with Nikolas because Michael was a big meanie to Duke when he was all cool beans about Sonny killing Michael's father.

Lucy natters on about evil Michael taking Sonny's daughter away and that Nikolas has more experience running a company–except when his wacky family wants to run crazy experiments on dead people.

Lulu calls Laura, who tells her that they have a lead on Lucky. Dante overhears Lulu's end of the conversation and questions her. Lulu lies and says she was speaking with Maxie. Dante follows Lulu who heads over to Dillon's.

Nikolas tells Dillon that he wants to finance his movie, but Dillon wants nothing to do with the big fat lying liar.

Jennifer and Luke's night didn't go as planned. Turns out they got drunk and Luke passed out because we all know seniors can't hold their liquor like they used to.

Luke says Jennifer never wanted this in the first place. Jennifer wonders why he agreed to marry her all those years ago. Luke says he made a deal with her father and apologizes.

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Laura demands to get Lucky back, but Jennifer admits she never had him because someone else hired her to be the go between.

Jordan complains to Valerie that she thinks Sonny had something to do with the guard changing his mind. She worries that TJ will think this is how justice is served.

TJ questions if Sonny knew there was a hit on Jordan. Sonny claims that was all on Duke. TJ mentions being in financial trouble. Sonny offers to pay his tuition and have TJ live with him.

Jordan is angry when she finds out that Sonny is helping TJ. She offers to pay TJ's schooling and rent, but TJ wants nothing to do with her. Jordan warns Sonny to back off.

Nikolas wants to call a vote to remove Michael as CEO. The deciding vote is Lucy's again. She again votes in favor of Nikolas. Tracy chastises Lucy, but she and Michael are forced to leave.

Lulu worries about her parent’s sanity and Lucky's life and decides she needs to go after them. Dillon agrees to go with her.

Dante tells Valerie that he followed Lulu to the Quartermaines. Lulu calls and tells him that Leslie broke her ankle in Italy and needs her help.