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Perkie's Observations: Michael Returns Avery to Sonny on General Hospital


Lulu checks in with Dante, claiming to be in Italy with Lesley. When Dante asks to speak to Lesley, Lulu claims she's sleeping. After she hangs up Lulu gets upset with herself for her constant lying to Dante. Dillon reassures her that all will be well in the end.

Dante tells Valerie that he checked up on Lulu and found out she and Dillon went to Vancouver and checked into a hotel room together. He wants to go north to confront her, but Valerie tells him to sleep on it. The two share a kiss.

Sabrina pushes Michael to consider returning Avery to Sonny so he can move past everything and rebuild his relationship.

Michael's not certain that he's ready to forgive Sonny. However, Sabrina feels it will impact Avery and wants Michael to move forward.

Ric stops Madeline's kiss, saying he's a married man. Madeline promises to be discreet and points out she has a much to lose as he does. The two head into the bedroom.

Morgan tells Sonny that he gets tingly around Denise. Sonny warns him to stay away from her. Sonny's thrilled when TJ moves in and puts him up in Michael's old room.

Nina insist that Denise deny Franco's claims they're an item. However, Denise plays along and kisses Franco. Nina storms off to find Ric.

Michael and Sabrina bring Avery to Sonny's.

Lulu and Dillon find Luke and Laura at their hotel. Laura says they're waiting for further contact and for them to leave.

Luke and Laura are surprised when Holly shows up.