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As the World Turns Alum Stars in Short Film From Confederate Flag Opponent Bree Newsome

Wake Benton Greene

On June 27, Bree Newsome climbed the flagpole at the South Carolina statehouse to remove the Confederate flag. Her nonviolent protest instantly made her world famous. 

Long before video of her climb went viral, she was known for her work behind the camera. Website i09 posted her award-winning short film, Wake, which stars Benton Greene, who played Derek Coburn, Rose DeVille's ex and James Stenbeck's henchman, on As The World Turns from 2008-2009. Wake is about a woman who uses a form of magic called "root work" to conjure the man of her dreams, played by Greene, with disastrous consequences. 

General Hospital is currently searching for an African American actor in Greene's age range for a contract role.  Maybe the sexy actorcould reunite with former costars ATWT Roger Howarth and Grayson McCouch in Port Charles?

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Check out the film below!