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Perkie's Observations: Michael and Jake Plot to Take Nikolas Down on General Hospital

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Luke examines the photo and notices that both Ethan and Lucky are using hand signals. They figure out that it's an address for a warehouse nearby and head over there.

Ava arrives at Sonny's looking to spend time with Avery. Sonny mentions her tryst with Morgan and warns her to stop it. Ava swears she and Morgan are finished and she's now dating Franco.

Ava asks again to see the baby, but Sonny turns her down. He says he doesn't know her and doesn't trust her.

Morgan worries about Denise and Franco, but Kiki goes to bat for Franco. The two make love. After Kiki leaves and Ava shows up.

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Franco tells Liesl about his ruse with Denise to mess with Nina. He thinks Denise is into Morgan and is afraid Kiki will be hurt.

Sam confronts Nikolas. He claims it was just business, but Sam is annoyed that the bottom line is about money. Sam doesn't like the person Nik has become and wants to know why he's changed.

Nik feels he needed a change. Sam says Jason would kick his ass if he were alive. Nik says he's lucky that Jason isn't. Nik apologizes and tells Sam that he loves her and that family means everything to him. He hopes she'll get past this.

Michael accepts Jake's offer to get back at Nikolas, but isn't sure how to go about it. Jake is certain Nik has something to hide and is determined to find out what.

Dillon and Lulu provide a distraction at the warehouse while the others overtake the guards and head off to find Ethan and Lucky.