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Perkie’s Observations: Luke and Laura Face Frank Smith on General Hospital

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The Spencers are shocked to see Frank Smith alive, despite dying more than 20 years ago. Frank, in typical bad guy fashion, takes the time to explain how he plans on killing all of Luke's loved ones.

Kiki explains to Morgan that Franco and Denise are fake dating. Morgan swears he's not interested in Denise.

Ava tells Franco that she's not allowed near Avery, but that Morgan promised to talk to Sonny. Franco accuses Ava of having the hots for Morgan. She swears whatever it was is done.

Ava's not happy when she hears that Franco told Kiki the truth about their non-relationship.

Nathan and Maxie want the Falconeris to join them for the fireworks. Dante is forced to lie and tells Maxie that Lulu is with Leslie. Dante has no interest in the fireworks so Naxie head off on their own.

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Valerie tells Dante that the Fourth of July was her mother's favorite holiday and is sad. Dante comforts her while they watch the fireworks.

Carly brow beats Sonny into telling her what's happening between Dante and Lulu. Carly refuses to believe that Lulu would cheat on Dante. Sonny tells her that Dante kissed Valerie

Maxie complains about Valerie and wants to return to the loft. Nathan puts her in handcuffs as a reminder of their time together last year.

Morgan calls Ava and tells her that Sonny refuses to let her see the baby. Ava cries in Franco's arms. He wonders why she cares so much about Avery. Ava admits she's the baby's mother.

Luke and Frank natter on until Frank shoots Ethan in the arm. Ethan is taken to the hospital. Laura is forced to stay. Lulu is determined to save her parents. Frank questions which one he should kill first. Shots ring out.