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Perkie’s Observations: Dillon’s Father Hits Port Charles on General Hospital


Lulu arrives home and finds an angry Dante. He accuses her of lying and cheating with Dillon. Lulu tries to deny his accusation. However, Dante reveals he followed her to the Quartermaines and then to Vancouver.

Dante declares their marriage to be over. Lulu quickly explains that Lucky and Ethan were kidnapped and swears she didn't cheat with Dillon.

Dante questions why she didn't trust him enough to tell him. Lulu says the kidnappers said no cops. Dante accuses her of caring more about being Luke's daughter than being his wife and Rocco's mother.

Lulu swears she loves him and insists what happened doesn't cancel the good in their marriage. She asks his forgiveness. Dante admits he's the one who needs forgiveness.

Nikolas overhears Patrick tell Liz that Hayden's vitals are picking up. The two worry about what will happen if Hayden can spill their secret.

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Sabrina tells Dillon that Tracy's on her way to LA to talk to Brook Lynn and get dirt on Nikolas. Dillon tells her the truth about Luke and how he had to lie to his mother. Dillon leaves Tracy a message not to get on the plane.

Tracy runs into Paul Hornsby at the airport. He claims he's in town to see Dillon. Tracy tells him that Dillon's out of town. She gets the message that Dillon needs to speak to her.

Dillon gets to the airport as Tracy returns home with Paul.

Sam and Jake break into Nik's safe and find Hayden's driver's license. Valerie finds them and Sam asks her what she knows of Hayden and Nik's connection. Valerie tells them that Hayden stayed at Windemere and that she was a friend of Nikolas'.

Alexis warns TJ about living with Sonny and falling for his charms. She reminds him that Sonny is a criminal.

Liz checks in with Patrick who says Hayden has some brain activity, but isn't awake. Liz tells Nikolas who assures her that he'll deal with it if Hayden wakes up.