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Perkie's Observations: Little Jake is Alive on General Hospital!

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Luke and Laura head to Cassadine Island so that Luke can confront Helena about the possibility of Jake still being alive. He finds Helena, who isn’t in a hurry to give out answers.

Luke wonders about the change in Helena. She says since Nikolas exiled her, and became the Cassadine that she's always dreamed, she has everything she's ever wanted. Helena feels this will be the last time that she sees Luke and tells him the truth about Jake.

Lulu wonders what Dante has to apologize for. He says he gave into his anger with Valerie than backs off and says that all he did was trash Lulu to Valerie.

Sonny confronts Dillon about the affair. Dillon explains what happened and that Lulu loves Dante. Sonny tells him to straighten things out with Dante.

Jordan tells Valerie that she's trying to find a reason to arrest Sonny and asks about Dante's whereabouts. Valerie says Dante's dealing with a crisis and confides that Lulu is having an affair.

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Valerie admits that she and Dante have become involved. Jordan reminds her that Dante is married and work policy disapproves.

Valerie says they care about each other and admits that she hopes she and Dante end up together. She claims she and Dante have a connection despite Jordan's reminders that Dante has a son and history with Lulu.

Alice meets Paul and upsets Tracy by telling him what happened with Luke. Paul says he feels badly for Tracy and admits Jenny kicked him to the curb as well.

Carly's worried about Joss' six month checkup. She asks Liz to go with her, since Bobbie's unavailable. Silas tells them that Joss test results are fine.

Lante's talk is interrupted when Dillon arrives to apologize to Dante and swears nothing happened with Lulu. After Dillon leaves, Lulu promises only the truth from now on and to move forward. After Dante leaves, Lulu finds a broken photo of them.

TJ wonders if he should move out so that Sonny can have privacy with his family, but Sonny refuses. TJ mentions how much his mother hates Sonny. Sonny tells him to make up with his mother.

Little Jake enters the room where Luke and Helena are, and introduces himself to Luke.