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Days of Our Lives SPOILERS: Eve Plays Nasty Mind Games on Jennifer!

Melissa Reeves, Kassie DePaiva

Melissa Reeves, Kassie DePaiva

Eve Drugs Jenn: For most people, making catty remarks about the pictures their old high school rivals post on Facebook is vengeance enough. Days of Our Lives' Eve Donovan (Kassie DePaiva) isn't most people!

This week on DAYS, Eve ratchets up her plan to make Jennifer (Melissa Reeves) look like she's going crazy by spiking the goody-goody's drink! Armed with stolen information about Dr. Laura Horton's battles with mental illness, Eve drugs Jennifer with a medication known to mimic her mother's symptoms. Frankie Brady (Billy Warlock) was cute and all but this is ridiculous!

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