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General Hospital's Lucky to Liz: "I Don't Think Jake Saved Josslyn" (SNEAK PEEK)

Rebecca Herbst, Jonathan Jackson

Rebecca Herbst, Jonathan Jackson

How exactly do you tell a mother the child she's grieved half a decade for is still alive? That's the dilemma Lucky Spencer (Jonathan Jackson) faces today on ABC Daytime's General Hospital.

Fresh from yet another epic adventure with his venerable parents, Lucky has returned to Port Charles with quite the spoil — his and Elizabeth's presumed dead son, Jake (James Nigbor)! 

In the sneak peek below, Liz is awkwardly explaining her relationship with Jake Doe (Billy Miller) to her ex, as Lucky tries to figure out a way to tell her their Jake didn't die from hit-and-run injuries sustained five years ago. What Lucky doesn't realize is, Liz's new boyfriend is Little Jake's presumed dead bio dad, Jason Morgan. And you thought setting up visitation schedules for your kids and baby daddies was problematic! Check out the clip below.

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