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Perkie's Observations: Lucky Brings Little Jake Home to Elizabeth on General Hospital

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Liz is thrilled to see Lucky and tells him know how worried she's been. Lucky explains he was kidnapped. Liz mentions Joss being cancer free. Lucky tells her that Jake didn't save Joss.

Liz is upset, but Lucky explains that Helena has had Jake on Cassadine island this whole time. He reveals he's brought Jake home to her.

Liz is shocked to see Jake and isn't sure what to do. She asks him if she can give him a hug. Liz thanks Luke for bringing the boy home. He tells her to make the most of her second chance.

Lulu confronts Dante. He admits he made a mistake and begs her forgiveness. Lulu asks if it was just the one kiss. Dante realizes she doesn't know the full truth, so he lies. Dante wants them to move past this and forget that it happened.

Laura tells Nikolas the truth about Luke, Lucky and Jake.

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Jordan doesn't want Valerie and Dante's personal drama affecting the workplace. Valerie tells her that there was no affair and things are done with Dante. Dante calls Valerie and tells her that Lulu knows about the kiss, but to keep quiet on everything else.

Patrick tells Sam there's a chance Hayden will come out of her coma. The two discuss what this would mean for "Jake."

Jason's looking for Michael, but finds Monica instead. She feeds him and the two discuss Jason.

Lucky tells Luke that he feels a darkness inside him that he can't get rid of. Lucky worries that he'll pass it on to his kids. Luke counters that he isn't Tim Spencer and that he's already fighting the demon. Luke promises to be there for him.

Luke goes to the Quartermaine mansion in search of Tracy. Lucky heads over to Windemere to see Nikolas.

Jason gets home and finds Liz with Jake.