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The Affair Seduces with Season 2 Trailer


Showtime's The Affair was must-see for Daytime Confidential's Jamey Giddens last year.  The soapy drama returns for its second season this fall and has released a new trailer. 

Here's a synopsis on the show:

Ruth Wilson plays Alison, a young woman attempting to move on from tragedy and build a lasting relationship while contending with the judgment of others and her own self-doubt. Her lover Noah (Dominic West) is a burgeoning writer trying to balance the temptations of success, the family he left behind, and the woman he loves. Noah’s former wife Helen (Maura Tierney) is attempting to piece her life together while navigating divorce proceedings, care for her children, and her parents’ noxious influence. Joshua Jackson plays Cole, Alison’s former husband struggling to overcome past heartbreak and start a promising new life. Yet the long-term ramifications of the affair continue to shape these lives, and will lead to an event that changes everything once again. Award-winning playwright and writer/producer Sarah Treem (House of Cards, In Treatment) and Hagai Levi (In Treatment) created the series. Treem serves as executive producer, along with Levi, Anya Epstein (In Treatment) and director Jeffrey Reiner (Friday Night Lights).

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Will you be seduced into watching The Affair's second season?