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Perkie's Observations: Tracy Rejects Luke on General Hospital

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Nikolas and Lucky reunite. Nik swears he had no idea Jake was on Cassadine Island and Lucky believes him. Lucky explains to Nikolas that a part of him is broken and he's been trying to find it. He worries about being around his kids. Nik points out that Lucky isn't like his father. Lucky admits that he wants to leave the kids with Liz and her new man.

Liz explains to Jason where Jake has been and that Lucky brought him back. Jason spots Jake's motorcycle and has a flash of memory. He tells Liz, who's about to tell him the truth but is interrupted.

Luke wants to tell Tracy the truth and finds her in bed with Paul. Once Paul leaves, Luke explains everything to her. Tracy wonders why Luke didn't trust her with the truth in the first place.

Tracy feels Luke doesn't see her as an equal and never will. She says she has no place in her life for Luke.

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Dillon is surprised to run into his father. Paul admits he was in bed with Tracy. He says they came together because of the mutual pain. Paul says he wants to be a father to Dillon.

Carly tells Sonny that she let it slip to Lulu that Dante kissed Valerie. Sonny is certain they can get past it all now. Talk turns to Jason and how much they both miss him. Sonny says he wants to spend the rest of his life with Carly.

Lulu's annoyed when Dante calls Valerie and wishes Valerie would be gone from their lives. Dante wants them to get past this. Lulu promises to try and get things back to where they were.

Nikolas tells Lucky that "Jake" isn't a stranger, but actually Jason. He reveals no one else knows the truth except Helena and Liz. Lucky says they're keeping Jason from his family. Nik counters that everyone has moved on and are happy with their lives.

Lucky feels Jason has a right to his life and wonders what will happen if he remembers the truth. Nikolas says Liz wants it this way. He tells Lucky that he can leave with a clear conscience because his family is taken care of.

Lucky heads over to Liz' but sees the happy family getting along.