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Perkie's Observations: Denise and Morgan Hunch on General Hospital

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Denise and Morgan have sex in her bed. Kiki almost catches them, but is interrupted. Michael interrupts her the first time by calling her to tell her that Denise can't see Avery. The second time she's stopped is by Franco who shows up to see Ava.

Nina finds Madeline and Ric in her hotel room and assumes the worst. Ric quickly covers and claims he just met Madeline and swears he's on Nina's side.

When Nina continues to question things, Ric plays the tape of the baby crying. Nina thinks she's the only one that hears it.

Nina worries, but Ric tells her that they can trust each other. Ric tells Madeline that in a few months they'll have all the money.

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Sonny and Carly continue to celebrate their engagement until Max shows up with an injured minion. Max tells him that a shipment was hijacked. Sonny wonders if Julian is involved and promises there will be hell to pay if he was.

Michael tells Sabrina about his parents engagement. He's fine with them being together, he doesn't want to watch them get married. Sabrina tells him that she managed to get the hospital board to back the construction of the clinic.

Alexis and Julian spend an afternoon role playing in afternoon delights until they hear a news report of the Corinthos hit. Julian swears he had nothing to do with it.

Franco insists on seeing Ava, but wonders if she's hiding someone in her bed. Ava says Julian and Alexis are the ones making noises. Franco tells her that she can't see Avery and that he couldn't get recording for her.

Later, Franco spots Alexis and Julian leaving their hotel room and knows they weren't at the apartment.