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Perkie's Observations: Is Julian Still in the Mob on General Hospital?

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Lulu confronts Valerie. Valerie tells her the same story that Dante did, ending with the kiss only. Valerie swears that she's not a home wrecker.

Jordan wants Dante to bring Sonny in, but Dante convinces her to let things play out. Jordan brings up the issue with Valerie. She lets Dante know that Val told her everything and that it needs to stay out of the workplace.

Julian tries to reassure Sonny that he had nothing to do with the hijacking of his shipment. Sonny doesn't believe him and warns Julian not to lie to him.

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Sam and Alexis discuss whether Julian has truly left the mob. Alexis is certain that he has, but Sam isn't so sure.

Tracy pays Luke a visit and accepts his apology and forgives him for lying to her. Luke wants her to take the engagement ring back. Tracy tells him that she hasn't been happy in a long while and that he needs to get fully better on his own. The two say their goodbyes.