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Perkie's Observations: Spirits of Luke's Past Return on General Hospital

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Luke is visited by the spirit of his father, who pushes for him to end his life. The spirit of Patricia arrives and dismisses their father. Luke feels sorry for what happened to his mother as her spirit arrives. Luke's mother tells him that he stood up for her and that his demons have been exorcized. Luke puts the gun away.

Brad tells Lucas that he can't marry him because he's already married. Lucas demands an explanation, but is called away before Brad can tell him.

Bobbie asks for Valerie's help in planning Lucas' wedding. Val doesn't want to get caught in the middle again. Valerie admits that she got between Lante, but only admits to the kiss and swears it won't happen again.

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Maxie and Lulu catch up. Lulu talks about the kiss and says Dante initiated it. Maxie mentions noticing something was off on the Fourth of July. Lulu's surprised that day wasn't mentioned.

Dante confides in Nathan that he slept with Valerie. Nathan wonders why he hasn't confessed to Lulu. Dante feels Lulu wouldn't forgive him and their marriage will end. Dante doesn't want to ruin Rocco's life. Nathan promises to keep the secret.

Dante brings Lulu flowers and promises not to let anything come between them again.

Bobbie finds Luke at the house. He says he's made a decision about the rest of his life.