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Soap Queen Martha Byrne Become a "Skinny Bitch" in Hilarious Comedy, Weight (VIDEO)

Martha Byrne

Martha Byrne

As Lily Walsh Mason Snyder Grimaldi Snyder we watched soap superstar Martha Byrne go through almost as many emotions as she did husbands on As The World Turns. What we rarely got to see her do, was comedy. 

Well, to be fair, there was that time she played Lily's gum-chewing, loud-talking, long-lost twin from Atlantic City, but the soap decided to poison her to death! I'm still mad about that by the way. #WeWillNeverForgetYouRose

If anything can finally get me over the late, great Rose D'Angelo, it's Byrne's long-anticipated comedy series, Weight. Written by digital series wunderkind Daryn Strauss (Downsized), Weight "follows Claire, a middle class mom (Byrne) who returns home from a reality weight loss competition 100 pounds lighter but finds she’s gained some extra baggage due to the complicated reactions of her dysfunctional family and friends."

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 So, did Claire lose the weight following Atkins? Paleo? Acupuncture? I'm asking for a friend. The pilot episode for Weight premieres Aug. 2 at Check out the trailer and a clip below!