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Perkie's Observations: Denise Convinces Nina to Take Back Franco on General Hospital

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Lulu tells Dillon about her father leaving and he comforts her. Lulu tells him about Dante and Valerie's kiss. Dillon tells her that he asked Val on a date and wonders if this will be an issue for her. Lulu thinks it's a great idea.

Valerie apologizes to Dante for spilling the beans to Jordan. She swears she's happy for him and Lulu. Valerie tells him about her date with Dillon. Dante says he's happy for her.

Nathan updates Jordan about the new evidence in the kidnapping case, but that Ric refuses to give up the blanket. Jordan gives the ok to get a warrant. Nathan feels Nina is being set up by Ric to get his hands on her money. Jordan says they need the blanket as evidence.

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Nina accepts Ava's invitation to breakfast. Ava convinces Nina that Franco loves her and believes she's innocent. Ava tells her to end her marriage and find Franco. Nina says Ric is also her lawyer trying to get her money released. Ava dismisses that and tells her to follow her heart.

Franco confronts Morgan about sleeping with Denise and making a fool out of Kiki. Franco grabs a knife. Morgan warns him that Sonny will come after him. Franco warns him to do right by Kiki or he'll kill him.

Silas decides he needs to confess to clear Nina's name. He runs into Franco in Scotty's office.

Nina gets to the hotel as Ric is about to destroy the blanket and tells him that she wants a divorce.