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Perkie's Observations: Monica Meets Little Jake on General Hospital

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Ric is shocked when Nina announces she wants a divorce. She says she loves Franco and they need to move on. Ric tells her that he was about to destroy the blanket, so there would be no evidence against her except his testimony.

Ric says he won't stop her from leaving him, but reminds her that he can't testify against her if they're married. Nina's still uncertain so Ric plays the crying baby which shakes her up again.

Monica and Michael drop by to see little Jake. Jason updates Michael on their investigation into Nikolas and how he knew Hayden. Michael wonders if Nik knows Jake's true identity as well.

Carly's concerned that Morgan is mixed up with Denise. Sonny assures her that he set their son straight about that. Laura stops by and they discuss the situation with little Jake and Lucky leaving.

Laura defends Lucky, saying she's got to let him do what he feels is right. Sonny invites her to their wedding. After she leaves, Carly feels something wasn't sitting right with Laura.

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Morgan tells Denise that Franco knows about them. Denise is certain Franco won't tell Kiki because he cares about her. Denise claims she doesn't want to hurt Kiki. Morgan who admits he can't stay away from her. The two end up in the bedroom again.

Sam tells Patrick that she wants Danny and little Jake to get to know each other, but feels Liz is reluctant. Patrick feels that Liz is overwhelmed, but Sam begs him to speak to Liz.

Franco accuses Silas of kidnapping Avery to help Ava and letting Nina take the blame. Silas admits what he did was wrong and says he was coming to confess to Scott. Franco wonders about the change of heart. Silas tells him about Nina losing her grip on reality.

Franco gets angry and lets it slip that Ava and Morgan slept together. Silas storms off and finds Ava and Morgan in bed together.

Franco breaks down Nina's door, only to find her and Ric gone.

Laura shows up to see Liz and "Jake".