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Perkie's Observations: Laura Makes Elizabeth Squirm on General Hospital

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Ric takes Nina to Shadybrook and tries to convince her that it's in her best interest to sign herself in and get the help that she needs.

Nina tries hard to convince him otherwise, but Ric is determined. He hands her commitment papers and assures her it's only temporary–to make sure she's taken care of.

Nina doesn't want to be locked up again, but Ric says that it's better than prison and to believe in him. Nina reluctantly signs the papers

Silas accuses Morgan of cheating on Kiki and calls him a selfish, shallow, horny brat. Morgan heads out so that Ava and Silas can talk. Silas declares that he's going to tell Kiki the truth.

Silas says he can't live with the guilt that Nina blames herself and was going to turn himself in. Ava begs him to keep quiet, otherwise she'll go to prison and it will destroy Kiki. Silas says Kiki will get over it and he promises to tell her when she returns.

Nik is summoned to Scott's office. Scott tells him that he ran into Laura and she was upset at Lucky leaving town. Scott mentions a secret, but Nik denies any knowledge of anything.

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Laura meets "Jake" and asks about his memories. Jason tells her that his old life is gone now and chasing it is futile. Laura warns him not to give up so easily.

Patrick arrives to ask Liz to let little Jake and Danny meet. Liz says she wasn't trying to prevent it, but didn't want to rush it. Laura steps in and says Jason would be happy that his boys were together, so Liz agrees.

Madeline runs into Franco at Nina's hotel room. Franco accuses her of helping Ric plot to get Nina's money. Franco's worried about Nina. Madeline tells him that she's getting the help that she needs. Madeline claims Nina kidnapped Avery and her guilty conscience is eating away at her.

Franco tells Madeline that he knows who really took Avery, and that it wasn't Nina.

Ric tells Madeline that Nina's been committed.

Franco finds Nina at Shadybrook.

Silas leaves a voice message for Kiki.

Laura tells Liz that she knows "Jake" is really Jason.