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Perkie's Observations: Is Julian Really out of the Mob on General Hospital?

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Nina wants to help Silas, but Franco tells her that he's dead. Nina explains that she found Franco dead on the floor and pulled out the knife. She swears she didn't do it.

Franco believes her and promises to clean up the mess while she heads back to Shadybrook to create her alibi. Nina can't leave until she says a proper goodbye to Silas. Franco warns Nina that she can't tell anyone Ava is alive or that Silas took the baby.

Laura tells Nikolas that Liz convinced her not to spill the beans about Jason's identity. However, she still feels Jason should know. Laura says she'll go and visit Lucky for awhile until she can figure out how to live with the secret.

Sonny finds Morgan drinking at the bar. Morgan admits he slept with Denise again and that Silas caught them. Sonny worries that Silas will tell Kiki and that Morgan should tell her first. Morgan feels certain that Silas won't talk, but doesn't explain why he thinks that way.

Patrick tells Sam and Jake that Hayden's coming out of her coma. Jake insists on seeing her right away. Hayden believes Jake is her husband and has no idea who he really is. Sam thinks she's lying.

Ava questions whether Julian is behind Sonny's shipment problems. He says he's out of the mob. Ava tells him that he can trust her but they're interrupted by Alexis.

Alexis tells Julian that she knows he didn't hit Sonny's shipment and she trusts that he's a new man.

Ric finds Nathan waiting in his room with a warrant for the blanket. Ric gives him the blanket, but says it's his and he had it made for Sonny.

Ric tells Nathan that Nina committed herself to Shadybrook. Nathan angrily accuses Ric of working with Madeline and storms out.

Nathan finds Nina at Shadybrook.

Franco takes the bloody knife, cleans his prints off the door and leaves. Franco runs into Kiki, who's arriving.