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Perkie's Observations: Kiki Unleashes Her Inner Howler Monkey on General Hospital

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Franco runs into Kiki and claims he was there looking for her but no one answered the door. He offers to take her out, but Kiki insists on dropping her bags off inside where she finds Sila's body.

Franco stops Kiki from calling the police. Kiki realizes that Franco knew Silas was dead before they entered. Kiki grabs her phone and calls 911. Franco begs her to say they came in and found the body together.

Kiki believes he killed Silas. Franco swears that he didn't, because he wouldn't hurt her. Kiki demands to know who did, but Franco doesn't know.

Dillon and Valerie have their first date at The Rib. He tells her that he knows about her kiss with Dante, but that it didn't scare him off. Lulu and Dante arrive and agree to socialize together until Dante gets called away.

Brad tells Felix that things are rocky with Lucas. Felix tells him to tell Lucas the whole truth and make things right.

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Morgan runs into Lucas at Carly's. Lucas tells him that Julian had nothing to do with the problems with Sonny's business. Talk turns to Brad and Lucas explains that he's been lied to for a year.

Lucas notices that Morgan is distracted and wonders if he's in trouble and offers to listen, but Morgan's not talking.

Carly pays Ava a visit and tells her that she knows "Denise" kissed Morgan. Carly accuses her of taking advantage and confusing Morgan. She feels Ava was a sexual predator and Denise isn't far off. Carly warns off Ava. Ava says she doesn't take threats lightly.

Nathan finds Nina, who swears Shadybrook is taking good care of her. Nathan tells her that he knows she didn't kidnap Avery and believes Ric and Madeline are framing her. Nina admits someone is framing her but before she can say who, Nathan is called away.

Nathan and Dante storm into Silas' apartment. Dante finds the knife in Franco's bag and arrests him. Kiki declares Franco nothing but a killer and swears she'll never believe him again.

When news of Silas' death hits the airwaves, Morgan seems unconcerned while Ava seems upset.