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Perkie’s Observations: Sonny Gathers the Five Families on General Hospital

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Sonny meets with the head of the five families and accuses one of them of breaking the alliance and making a hostile move on him. Sonny demands to know who was responsible. Serge tells him that he dealt with a go between, someone who used to work for the Jeromes.

Serge tells Sonny that his time is over and he needs to retire. Sonny shoots him and warns the others that he holds onto what's his.

Carly tells Morgan to call Kiki and let her know about Silas. Morgan's annoyed with his mother's interference. Talk turns to Denise and Carly feels she's been inappropriate with Morgan. Morgan claims they have feelings for each other, but Carly tells him to think about Kiki.

Carly tells Morgan that he's lost her trust and needs to rebuild it. She tells him to do right by Kiki.

Sam is shocked to hear that Silas has been murdered. She reminisces with Patrick about how Silas helped her move on.

Julian wonders why Denise is upset and she tells him about Silas' death. Julian decides he'll help Kiki go through Silas' estate.

Madeline pays Nina a visit and assures her that she's done the right thing committing herself. Nina says she shouldn't have done it, because she didn't kidnap Avery. She stops herself from telling Madeline that Silas did.

Jordan demands to know exactly what happened, but Franco refuses to tell her. Kiki explains to Dante what happened and is upset that she wouldn't listen when everyone warned her about Franco.

Kiki slaps Franco and tells him that he'll pay for what he's done.