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Perkie's Observations: Jake Proposes to Elizabeth on General Hospital

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Liz can't accept Jake's proposal. She runs off to the chapel. She begs God for a sign. Sam arrives. She wonders why Liz is upset.

Liz tells Sam about Jake's proposal. She hasn't given an answer yet, because of Sam. Before Liz can explain, Sam apologizes for keeping the secret investigation from her.

Sam tells Liz to take advantage of her second chance, like she has with Patrick. Sam says Elizabeth can have a future with Jake. Sam tells her to do what's right for her.

Jake runs into Patrick. He tells him Liz ran off.

Patrick feels Liz may be bothered by Jake and Sam working together. Patrick says Liz has been through a lot of pain in her life, but to fight for her.

Dante finds Lulu crying. She tells him she was reading Dillon's manuscript, which is about a marriage ruined by infidelity. Lulu is  glad things didn't get that bad between them. She swears she forgives Dante for the kiss. The two make love for the first time since the incident.

Paul hands Dillon a check for half a million dollars. Dillon refuses the money, saying it won't make up for all the years his father wasn't there. Paul says he read Dillon's manuscript. It's so good he wants to invest.

Dillon is angry. Paul counters they've both experienced the same love lost. Dillon says he's over his breakup. He admits  he's been on a date with Valerie.

Paul wants Dillon to make a good movie. Dillon finally accepts the money and calls Valerie for another date.

Jordan questions Valerie about Dante. Valerie swears things are over. She's now dating Dillon.  They discuss Valerie dating someone so closely associated with Dante and Lulu.

Hayden wonders why Nikolas wants her under his roof. Nikolas says he's in a position to help and she has nowhere else to go. Hayden presses. Nikolas admits he's made some business moves and his image needs an upgrade.

Hayden thinks Nikolas will want sex from her in exchange. He swears he won't take advantage of her. Hayden agrees to move in.

Sam lights a candle in honor of Jason. She tells him that while he's still a part of her heart, she has let him go.

Liz finds Jake and accepts his proposal. She vows never to let him go.