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Bold & Beautiful's Scott Turner Schofield Talks Soap Opera's First Transgender Bride With Perez Hilton

Karla Mosley, Scott Turner Schofield, Jacob Young

Karla Mosley, Scott Turner Schofield, Jacob Young

Transgender actor Scott Turner Schofield has been an integral part of the success of The Bold and the Beautiful's game-changing storyline featuring transgender supermodel Maya Avant (Karla Mosley). It's only right he get to share in the mainstream buzz!

The actor was interviewed by celeb news kingpin Perez Hilton about B&B's historic wedding.  Here's what he told Hilton about the storyline's impact on fans:

  "Someone messaged me on Facebook to tell me that he works in a nursing home. He's trans like me but not out for fear of discrimination. He said this storyline on the Bold and the Beautiful had all his residents talking among themselves, and he found out that 95% of them felt that transgender people were just like everybody else. Another young [female-to-male] said he and his mother, who rejected him when he came out — and watches B&B — finally spoke to one another, because she had somewhere to come from and she didn't before. Those stories are what keep me doing this work, against all the odds, no matter what."