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Perkie's Observations: Nina and Ava Face Off on General Hospital

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Jordan accuses Julian of sending his men to highjack Sonny's shipment. Julian swears he's out of the business and those men are working for someone else.

Dante and Nathan try to bring in the men in question, but they find one of them shot by the other. The suspect dies before the guys can find out who hired them. Dante gets the suspect's blood all over him.

Lulu tells Dillon that she read his script and how it affected her. Dillon tells her that he got funding from his father and wants to shoot his movie on the Haunted Star.

Scotty's upset with Franco for not telling him that he had a loud argument with Silas on the day of the murder. Scotty figures Franco isn't telling him everything, because he's protecting someone, probably Nina.

Nina tells Ava that she knows the truth about her identity and accuses her of killing Silas. Ava denies it at first then shows Nina the photo on the phone. The two fight over the phone and Nina manages to erase the photo.

Ava tells her that the photo has been backed up to her various devices and is never truly deleted. Nina warns Ava that if she tells anyone about the photo, she'll be exposed.

Carly and Sonny natter on about stuff I don't care about. Most of it was about Carly wanting to buy a lovely wedding dress for her "eleventh" wedding. Sonny was like, "whatever makes you happy dear."

Maxie apologizes to Valerie about calling her a home wrecking ho. Valerie accepts the apology, but insists that she respects the Lante marriage. Dante walks in, covered in blood. Valerie gets upset and runs to him, until she realizes it's not his blood. Maxie wonders what that was all about.

Nathan updates Jordan on the dead suspect. Jordan warns Julian again that she wants the truth of his involvement.