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Perkie’s Observations: Maxie and Valerie Bond on General Hospital

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The second hijacker is caught and rolls over on Julian.

Olivia tells Julian the name she gave the baby. Julian swears up, down and sideways that he's out of the business. Olivia's about to tell him the truth about the baby when the boys arrive to arrest Julian.

Valerie and Maxie bond over their family losses and decide to become besties.

Lulu updates Dillon on her baby drama, then questions his desires for a family. Dillon feels he wouldn't make a great father and resents Lulu bringing Valerie into the equation. Lulu's surprised and not thrilled to hear that Valerie has moved out of Wyndemere and into Casa Carly.

TJ's angry with Jordan, but Sonny tells him to cherish his mother because he'll regret it when she's gone. TJ heads over to Jordan's and the two reach a minor truce.

Carly and Sonny plan their wedding day.

Lucas demands answers. Brad and Rosalie tell him that they can't divulge what they've done wrong. If they did Lucas would be compelled to testify against them and it could be dangerous for him.

Lucas understands and forgives Brad. The two reconcile, which in soap terms means one will die in a fiery explosion, probably at the CarSon wedding, and the body will never be found.